Man holding a remote control drone

Are you considering using your camera to soar through the air? With a drone, you have the chance to record some breathtaking views of the surrounding area, but where do you start?

What’s the best place to start when learning how to fly a quadcopter? No need to worry if you are new to the world of drones; we will explain everything you should know before purchasing your first drone. Therefore, we’ll provide you with a beginner’s guide to utilising your eye in the sky, whether you are a novice photographer or a gadget-obsessed enthusiast.

How to fly a drone?

What’s the ideal configuration for utilising your drone, then? How do you intend to fly your eye into the sky? 

Numerous industries now function differently as a result of the introduction of quadcopters and multirotor aircraft into daily life. Today, drones are used by photographers as well as those working in agriculture or construction.


The best drone for you will be determined by how you are going to use it, which can depend on what setup you’re using and whether you are buying a drone to help you with your daily work or if you just want to add some fantastic panoramic views to your picture book.

Remote Control Drone

Using a handheld remote control is the most popular configuration for launching your drone into the air.

These controllers often include joysticks to help you move through the air, but some may also have built-in monitors to help you see where you’re going, while with others you might need to connect your smartphone to serve as your eyes.

Of course, if you wanted to make things really difficult, the DJI Mavic Air line of drones has a capability that allows you to control your drone with a simple hand wave.

Drone with Camera Rules

Before you demonstrate your drone-flying prowess in a public area, you might need to take into account a few restrictions if your drone is equipped with a camera.

According to the CAA, you need a permit to lawfully fly a camera-equipped drone within 150 meters of a busy location or a gathering of more than 1,000 people.

You must understand how your drone operates, be able to describe how you intend to use it safely and be able to show that you are an experienced drone pilot in order to receive clearance.

The Drone Code was developed by Dronesafe for anyone who is considering purchasing adrone but is unsure of how to fly it safely and lawfully. This helpful manual may serve as a good point of reference and is intended to offer guidance to both inexperienced and seasoned drone pilots.