horror movies


There are numerous promising 2023
horror movies that have already been announced, including Scream 6, Renfield,
an Exorcist sequel, and numerous other thrillers. 2022 has been a solid year
for latest English horror movies. To
remind audiences that the genre is still alive at the multiplex and on demand,
for every tonally awkward failure like Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022, there has
been a Scream 2022, an X, or a Fresh.

In 2023, the horror genre is
expected to continue to grow, setting the stage for a golden decade for
viewers. Scream 6 and The Exorcist’s sequel will arrive in 2023, as will the
Nicolas Cage ghost movie Hollywood Renfield
and a pair of Dracula retellings.

In case you’re looking for a more
family-friendly horror ride, Disney’s Haunted Mansion promises to be a less
intense experience that will be fun for everyone. Here is the best and most
noteworthy ghost movies Hollywood releasing
in 2023.

ghost movies

     1) Last
Voyage of the Demeter—January 27, 2023

In contrast to Nicholas Cage’s
goofy, horror-comedy retelling of Dracula’s often-forgotten henchmen, Last
Voyage of the Demeter has taken an original approach to the tale. The story of
Last Voyage of the Demeter revolves around the moment when Stoker’s Dracula
stows away on the ship that bears the Count’s name, with the lens of the ship’s
unfortunate inhabitants.

2.    2)  
6—March 31, 2023 

Matthew Lillard’s Stu, Hayden
Panettiere’s Kirby, and the other forgotten fan favorites of Scream 6 are all
set for a return to the franchise, following the success of Scream 2022.
Courtney Cox only confirmed her return in March, making it unclear whether all
of these characters will return. Scream 6 was only greenlit in February.

3.    3) Evil Dead Rise—April 21, 2023

Known for his cult classic ghost movie Hollywood franchise, Sam
Raimi returns with The Evil Dead, directed and written by Lee Cronin. There
will be an intimate family setting in Evil Dead Rise as the plot centers on the
reunion of two estranged sisters who are abruptly separated by the appearance
of the Evil Dead demons, leading to a harrowing survival battle. A sequel to
the 2013 Evil Dead reboot would be appreciated if it could live up to the
spirit of fun and camp that defined the originals; thus, becoming the latest English horror movies list of

4.    4) The Haunted Mansion—August 11, 2023

Unlike Pirates of the Caribbean,
the Haunted Mansion wasn’t so successful. Eddie Murphy starred in this cartoony
kid’s horror movie as an aloof father who tried to save his family from a
supernatural threat and, while vintage fans fondly recall The Haunted Mansion,
the anodyne 2003 flick falls short of capturing the thrilling real-life ride. A
reboot of The Haunted Mansion set to debut in 2023 seeks to address this issue.

5.    5) The
Exorcist—October 13, 2023   

Halloween 2018’s David Gordon
Green aims to make a sequel to 1973’s iconic The Exorcist, as if rebooting one
horror franchise weren’t enough. Green and the Halloween 2018 team are the only
ones who can make a sequel/reboot of Exorcist work, but it will be difficult to
replace the impact of the original religious horror film from director William


Now, let’s wait and watch 2023
has in store for us. We hope for the best horror movies Hollywood to be really horrific and amaze us.