front view father and child playing with an remote control car

Many of us were introduced to the vehicle world as young children through soft toys, miniature die-casts, ride-on, and, of course, remote control cars for kids.

Toy vehicles can still give children (and their parents) hours of screen-free, tactile fun, even if today’s RC cars are far more high-tech than the Tonka trucks and Hot Wheels we used to play with.

Even though we at Car and Driver are experts on real cars and trucks, we acknowledge that we may have some obvious blind spots when it comes to recommending the best toys for our kids; crash-test safety and 60-mph times simply are not the relevant factors. 

Here are some of the best remote control cars for kids.

1. Air Hogs’ Super Soft Flippin’Frenzy

When you look at everything Air Hogs Flippin’s Frenzy has to offer, it’s easy to see why it was chosen for Good Housekeeping’s 2022 Best Toy Awards. To begin with, it pulls tricks!

It can execute some intense spins and keep operating even when turned over. During testing, it was strong enough to crash into cabinets or race downstairs without causing harm to the toy or the house. 

It is perfect for inside use since its large tires (as long as they are kept clean) won’t leave marks on walls or damage furniture, while it is equally at home outside.

Although this product is intended for children aged 4 and up, it should be noted that the remote control’s small buttons and requirement for finger dexterity may make it more appropriate for school-age children, teenagers, and adults.

2. Nintendo Super Mario Kart Anti-Gravity Mini RC

Naturally, those who miss Mario and his buddies or who never stopped playing Mario found this one very popular. Even if Mario wasn’t one of the most popular franchises of your time.

This RC vehicle features a variety of interesting stunts, such as wheelies, spins, and drifts, as well as an & anti-gravity & mode that makes the car appear to be hovering.

Parents noted that it held up well to being thrown off ramps and slammed into walls. Its remote has an astounding 100-foot range. 

Testing revealed that it included & demonstration batteries& (the ones that allow customers to Test a toy in a store by pressing a button through the box) and a connection connecting the car to the remote control. Therefore, before using it, cut the cord and install the necessary AA batteries (not included).

3. Prextex Remote Control Cars

This one is fantastic for introducing your kids to the fun of driving at a young age. These are the ideal first RC cars because they have simple two-button controls, blinking headlights, sirens, simple songs, and remote controls in the shape of steering wheels.

As an added bonus, you receive two cars—a race vehicle and a police car—which is perfect for playing with a friend or an adult.

Although these RC cars are suitable for preschoolers, speed isn’t the main objective. The plus is that play may go on for quite a while, even if it does require a total of 10 AA batteries (not provided).

4. Traxxas Bandit RC Buggy

A 1/10 hobby car—a remote-controlled vehicle that is a one-tenth-size copy of an actual race car—is the Bandit RC Buggy. It is the perfect choice for the adolescent who is ready for more of a hobby RC car than a toy RC car (or an adult who enjoys great stuff) because it has a peak speed of over 35 mph and the freedom to be modified to your own preferences.

As a result of its great performance, it is arguably better suited for outdoor usage. This is not a problem, though, since its wiring and delicate parts are adequately shielded from puddles, pebbles, mud, and any other obstacles you wish to subject it to.

5. LEGO Technic Transformation Vehicle

A sort of interactive puzzle, the two-in-one Lego Technic Transformation Vehicle. The 722-piece RC needed to be put together over the course of a few easy evenings of collaboration, or approximately a week if a tween or teen worked on it alone for a few hours each day.

The project was described by users as being enjoyable, similar to how it is with many LEGO kits, and made even more so when you actually get to see it in action. Even though it isn’t the fastest, it is fun to drive because it can flip, go around obstacles, and spin while moving.

Its functioning is managed via an app on a tablet or smartphone, which is very cool. It can last for days before you need to replace the batteries because it uses normal AA batteries (not supplied) that don’t require charging.