has been ranked as one of the top best countries to study abroad by the Times
Higher Education World University Rankings. Are you looking for affordable and
best places to go abroad or want to know the best place to study abroad? Look
no further! We have compiled a list of the top best countries to study abroad


has many universities offering degrees in different fields. Students from
around the world come to study in India. But studying abroad is a great way to
expand your horizons and gain valuable experience. It also helps you develop
new skills and improve your career prospects. If you are looking for the best
countries to study abroad, there are many countries where you can do so. These
countries offer a variety of programs and courses. That will help you learn
more about yourself as well as the world.


In light of the above points,
let’s take a look at the best countries for Indian students to study abroad.

Best Places to Go Abroad

1) US (United States of America)

Studying abroad in the USA is
the top choice for international students. Due to the economy and policies of
the government, the USA is the most popular destination for Indian students to
study abroad.

In its 4000 world-class universities, the USA offers more
than 15,000 programs, many of which rank among the best in the world.

       International students can
work in the USA for 12 months as optional practical training (OPT) and STEM
graduates for 24 months.

The Second Country Is Canada

Canadian education is a top
choice for international students, as well as the ease of working after

In Canadian universities, 14%
of students are Indian. And it is the preferred location for MBA, machine
learning, medicine, and engineering.

Countries with immigrant-friendly laws that speak

International students are the safest in this country.

       A top-ranked university with
affordable tuition fees and a low cost of living.

The Third Country Is Germany

Germany is the country you
should choose if you want to experience a new culture or learn a new language.
The number of Indian students studying in Germany has increased in recent

Practical and research-based education makes this
location popular with STEM students.

Besides free tuition in public institutes, private
institutes also offer low tuition fees.

       To cover living expenses,
students can work part-time while studying.

The Fourth Country Is Australia

In recent years, Australia
has become a popular destination for Indians due to its easy visa requirements.
Because Australia and India recently signed a free trade agreement, allowing
more Indians to study and work there.

To manage the cost of living, international students can
work while studying.

Students can study at top-ranked universities and find
employment after graduation.

       Government-funded scholarship


The United Kingdom

Having one of the best
universities in the world has been a hallmark of the UK for many years.

After graduation, international students can work and
stay in the UK for 24 months. This is allowed by the Government of the UK.

Working while studying can help students pay for living

       For eligible applicants, many
scholarship programs are available, including Chevening Scholarships, GREAT
Scholarships, Commonwealth Fellowships, and others.